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This remedy was crafted with the intention of working to relieve headaches and neck and shoulder pain. To get the best result with this remedy, we recommend 1-3 dropper-fulls around 6x a day. As you develop a relationship with this remedy, you can find which dosage works best for you and work with it as you wish. 


This remedy consists of 3 herbs: 


Ginkgo - Ginkgo helps to increase circulation to the brain / upper body, ultimately assisting in relieving inflammation and promoting healing. For this remedy, we want to work with the circulatory actions of Ginkgo to bring fresh new blood to the brain and help move old stagnant blood and clean the blood vessels. Ginkgo has been shown to improve memory, support cardiovascular health, eye health and more! The nut of this tree has traditionally been used in chinese medicine for pulmonary (lung) conditions. A fun fact about the Ginkgo tree is that it is one of the world’s oldest living plants, having the ability to live for over 1,000 years. The Ginkgo tree even survived the Hiroshima atomic blast. 


Wood Betony - Wood Betony is revered for it’s ability to relieve headaches - especially anxiety induced headaches or anxiety accompanied with high blood pressure. Of course, an herb is never “good for” just one thing. Wood Betony also offers support to our respiratory system, digestive system, liver & gall bladder, and much more!


Black Cohosh - Black Cohosh is helpful for almost all nervous conditions. You can work with this herb to relieve nerve pains, spasms, feelings of tension & heaviness, and more. I have added this herb to this remedy specifically for it’s support in relieving tension from the neck and shoulders. `


As always, we encourage you to ask questions and do your research when it comes to herbs & remedies!


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