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Online Communities

While we are passionate about creating connection and community in the real-life physical world, we also understand how powerful of a tool the internet is and we want to take advantage of every resource we can to connect! Our online communities will continue to grow so be sure to check in every once in a while to see what's new! 

The Herbal Alliance of St. Augustine

The Herbal Alliance of St. Augustine is a Facebook group that was started in 2020. This Facebook group helps to connect the community both in St. Augustine as well as members from other states looking to learn more about growing and using herbs, gardening, healthy lifestyle tips & skills, how to support local businesses and families, and so much more! You can visit and join this private Facebook group by clicking the following link:

Project Liberation

Project Liberation is a private Facebook group dedicated to providing a safe place for people to come and share their experiences with the cycles of drug addiction and to receive support on their journey of liberating themselves from these cycles. Our main intention with this group is to provide a SHAME FREE environment where people can share their real-life experiences and their current challenges AND accomplishments! Project Liberation recognizes the PROCESS that is required and comes with liberating from the cycles of drug addiction, and we hold space for set-backs and perceived "mistakes". Project Liberation is also dedicated to re-defining the concept of "recovery". We do not believe "recovery" to be an empowering world but more so as if we had been in some accident. We prefer the terms like reclamation and liberation - refusing to be victims of addiction and rather VICTORS who will spend their lives building and maintain a fulfilling life filled with purpose as opposed to running from addiction. 

"Once an addict always an addict" does not ring true for us. To learn more please visit and join our group by clicking on the following link:


Innerbliss Sanctuary





Innerbliss Sanctuary  is a private social platform that connects individuals and families all over the world! With an amazing interactive community and an INCREDIBLE homeschooling program, Community Nourishment is proud to work with Inner Bliss in cultivating community and making it accesible to everyone! We highly suggest that you head on over to Inner Bliss and explore all of their heart-led offerings! 

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