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Liquid Zen

Liquid Zen or "Liquid Z" as we call at it at Community Nourishment was made with the intention of supporting us through the process of extreme anxiety.

The Blue Vervain helps us to come down out of the racing mind and into the body.

This process can be intense & even painful for people who have disassociated from or avoided connecing with their body, so the Damiana and Meadowseet are are here to relax the muscles, increase the flow of blood in a way that is soothing and nourishing to all of the tissues and reduce inflammation that comes from internal & external stress.

I am a huge advocate for using plants, food, and all things nature to assist us in transmuting trauma, pain, emotions, etc. and I am beyond pleased with this formula and the work its helping others, including myself, to do.

Dosage for each person varies and we will have a conversation to find yours before beginning the use of this tincture.

If you have any questions or would like to work with this tincture yourself, call or text (904)-295-7384 or email


This blog is intended to provide information on this herb/remdy that I use regularly in my life. This blog is for educational purposes only, mainly for people who work with me or my remedies and are looking for information on how and why I use them and information on the ingredients. There is much more research and information on each herb and I always encourage everyone to ask lots of questions and dive into research for themselves as well as consulting with a professional. Visit our "resources" tab at the top for a list of SOME of our favorite books/teachers/videos.

Thank you!

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