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Golden Poo

Do you know how important it is to have a bowel movement every day? It is crucial for a healthy digestive system. It allows our body to eliminate waste - which helps to better absorb and assimilate nutrients. If we aren't having healthy bowel movements every day, this can cause stagnation and buildup of waste along with many uncomfortable symptoms.

This Golden Poo formula works to stimulate the bowels, releasing bile and encouraging peristalsis while soothing the tissue of the digestive tract to make for a comfortable, healthy exit. When working with people over time, I usually start them on this formula for 2-3 months (it will vary depending on the person) and then after that we begin using Triphala (blog coming soon).

Some key herbs in this formula include:

Cascara Sagrada

Barberry root

Fennel seed

Slippery Elm


Ginger root

Turkey rhubarb

Yellow dock

I can also make many variations of this formula. If you have any questions or would like to begin working with this formula, please send me an email to:


This blog is intended to provide information on this herb/remedy/formula that I use regularly in my practice. This blog is for educational purposes only, mainly for people who work with me or my remedies and are looking for the information on the remedies, how and why I use them, and what is in them. There is much more existing information on each herb and remedy and as always I encourage everyone to ask lots of questions and to dive into research for themselves as well as consulting with a professional.

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