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This formula was made with the intention of strengthening, tightening, and nourishing the tissues of our lower burner, or in other words, our genitals.

This is medicine for both men & women.

Whether it's eliminating inflammation from the prostate, or strengthening your bladder to prevent leakage when you cough/laugh/breathe!

I believe this formula offers support to prolapse of any kind, but especially uterine & bladder prolapse.

This formula is loaded with antioxidants and many nutrients that carry benefits throughout the entire body working to tonify all the tissues!

The herbs include:

Saw Palmetto Berries




On their own, these herbs are power houses! When they come together to work with each other, that power is amplified!

This is an incredible formula with many testimonies already!

If you would like to get a bottle for yourself or a friend, you can call/text:

(904)-295-7384 OR email:

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