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Cordyceps Tincture

Working with Cordyceps is an honor that I do not take lightly. I am fascinated by all fungi and am always in awe at the medicine that they provide.

While there aren't a lot of studies that have been done on cordyceps (though that is beginning to change), Cordyceps has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over a thousand years and I myself have experienced and witnessed great things working with this medicine.

Cordyceps is known to boost energy levels & endurance for working out or playing sports, works to protect the kidneys and restore function, increase sexual vigor, nourish & restore the respiratory system, work as a tonic for the young and the old, increase cellular respiration which works to create ATP, adenosine triphosphate, which I like to refer to simply as cellular energy. This is an incredibly important process to provide our cells with the oxygen and nutrients to perform optimally and remove toxins.

I mainly use this herb when working with men or women with low testosterone levels. For many women it is important to monitor your testosterone levels - to much testosterone can lead to poly-cystic ovarian syndrome and other menstrual complications. I use this herb to help increase performance, boost energy, and nourish the cells.

I recommend starting with ONE drop of this tincture and working your way up. It is always best to start with less and feel nothing than to start with too much and feel too much.

My favorite teacher of fungi is Christopher Hobbs! I recommend buying his new book

"Medicinal Mushrooms The Essential Guide"

If you have any questions or would like to begin working with Cordyceps please send us an email to or give us a call/text to 904-295-7384.


This blog is intended to provide information on this herb/remedy/formula that I use regularly in my practice. This blog is for educational purposes only, mainly for people who work with me or my remedies and are looking for the information on the remedies, how and why I use them, and what is in them. There is much more existing information on each herb and remedy and as always I encourage everyone to ask lots of questions and to dive into research for themselves as well as consulting with a professional.

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